How to be a focused, productive and engaging leader in a digital world!



Join our free digital workshop.

Wednesday, 16th September at 13:00 BST. 




If you’re a leader who finds it tough to be focused, productive and engaging in this new, digital world, then join our 60 minute digital workshop on 16th September at 1pm. 

In this workshop, we’ll share guidance and tips on how to: 

  • regain control of your work
  • get the important work done well
  • lead your team to great performance.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to focus on the priorities and your people without the stress and anxiety you currently feel.



The webinar will be led by Norman Blissett, Managing Director of Gallanach.

Norman has many years experience as a leader and a leadership coach

He has led teams in numerous organisations across a variety of sectors.  He's made a few mistakes along the way but treated each as learning experience which is brought in abundance to this workshop.

Norman is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and Institute of Directors and a Chartered Director.